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Sustainability Management


Mirae Asset Daewoo is committed to nurturing the communities and markets in which we operate.

Direction of Social Contribution

The major CSR activities of Mirae Asset Group spring from the 'practice of warm capitalism.' The Group seeks to generate a greater social value beyond playing roles as Korea's representative investment banking group that contributes to increasing customers' wealth. Through organic cooperation between affiliates, Mirae Asset Daewoo plays an essential role in Group-wide CSR activities driven by the Mirae Asset Park Hyeon Joo Foundation. The Group is committed to making the world a more warm-hearted place to live together with the underprivileged by returning the profits to the society.

Mainly Promoted Areas

Nurturing Future Leaders
Nurturing future generations
through scholarship programs
Social Welfare
Supporting social welfare programs
for socially-marginalized groups
Spreading the Culture of Sharing
Mirae Asset Daewoo' employees making donation and engaged in charity activities