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Sustainability Management


Mirae Asset Daewoo will maintain rigorous ethical standards as we grow into a leading global financial company.

What is the ethical management?

It is management activity that help employees and members of the organization to reflect the values of business philosophy at every time of decision making and to stick with this value in case of an ethical dilemma.

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Business Ethics

Ethical management is not simply the internal control system or one of the factors became important in the 21st century. It is inevitable component to maintain the sustainability of business management. It is not just applied to financial industry but also to every industry. Considering the fact that unethical companies are struggling to create the sustainable economic value, importance of ethical management is more amplified.

In other words, the ethical management is not simply the essential guidance but the activities to create a climate to implement business philosophy and conduct management at each business divisions with ethical spirit experienced at the same time.

“Building on principles”

Mirae Asset Daewoo will develop into a global financial institution based on the business ethics.