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Sustainability Management

Code of Ethics

Mirae Asset Daewoo will maintain rigorous ethical standards as we grow into a leading global financial company.

Dear, Mirae Asset Daewoo employees.
Today we would like to announce the declaration of ethical management.

Now we are at the important moment, heading towards the global market over the South Korea. We will intensify the ethical management rooted in as a global standard in order to compete with the leading financial companies in the global market. Our society occasionally justify unethical behavior in the name of a customary practice. However, Illegal practice will never be justified or tolerated for Mirae Asset Daewoo dreaming toward global market. Only ethical management will be the key factor for survival and growth of Mirae Asset Daewoo in the global competition.

Again, Every employees should strives to fulfill the following ethical management practices.

  1. 01Employees need to have self-esteem and pride as a part of Mirae Asset Daewoo and shall
    conduct their duties in accordance with laws and regulations.
    They shall fully check over the areas of uncertainty and fulfill their duties in a transparent and rational manner.
  2. 02Employees shall conduct business duties based on the company's four core values,
    which embody key messages of ethical management.
    Ethics to be implemented for customers, society and as employees is embedded in the core values.
    Thus, they shall always remember and live by the company's core values.
  3. 03Employees shall recognize the Company's ethical management system
    such as the code of ethics and whistleblowing system.
    All employees shall passionately advocate ethical management. They shall make proposals and discuss
    on ethical management with a keen interest to create a better ethical culture.

Again, Ethical management is our survival strategy.
Employees! Sincere practice is the most important factor. The company will persistently preserve the attitude towards business ethics. It will be a chance to enhance everyone’s will of ethical management through the declaration of business ethics today.

Thank you.