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About Company

IWC (Mega-Scale Comprehensive Financial Centers)

Mirae Asset Daewoo engages in a broad range of businesses.

In 2017, Mirae Asset Daewoo will launch mega-scale comprehensive financial centers called Investment Wealth-management Centers (IWC). These institutions will provide corporate and individual clients with differentiated financial services.

IWCs located in Pangyo, Yeouido, Gangnam, Busan, Daegu, Daejeon, and Gwangju will provide comprehensive financial solutions in areas such as pension plans, wealth management, and corporate financing.

Corporate Client Service
Smooth establishment and management of pension plans
Consulting services related to personnel costs, financial management, and accounting
Financing, capital management, and M&A services
Financial and non-financial services related to IPOs, financing (rights offerings, bond issuance), loans, capital management, succession, etc
Individual Client Service
Differentiated retirement consulting services
Integrated consulting services for public and private pension plans
All-in-one solutions covering pension benefits and personal assets
Comprehensive services to maximize lifetime client asset growth