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About Company

Investment Banking

Mirae Asset Daewoo engages in a broad range of businesses.

Mirae Asset Daewoo offers corporate financing services for competitive businesses as well as project financing services.

We offer a wide array of corporate financing services related to IPOs, rights offerings, and the issuance of convertible bonds, bonds with warrants, exchangeable bonds, and other corporate bonds. Moreover, our highly talented and seasoned accountants, tax experts, and consultants provide advisory services for M&As and financing strategies to help businesses expand enterprise value. We also offer differentiated project financing services (advisory and structured finance) to meet the highly specialized needs of real estate developers.

Investment Banking
Corporate finance Securities underwriting; Identifying investment opportunities; IPO lead manager services; Pre-IPO placements
Structured finance Asset securitization services (issuance/underwriting of asset-backed securities, asset-backed commercial paper, etc.)
Corporate loans Extending corporate loans via the development of new business models to comply with the revised Financial Investment Services and Capital Markets Act
Underwriting(M&A) Underwriting, brokerage, business consulting, and M&A solutions; Advisory services for corporate restructuring activities
Real estate development Project financing and advisory services (for both tangible and intangible assets); Real estate development financing; REITs; Real estate funds; Asset securitization using project financing vehicles and special purpose entities
SOC projects Financial advisory services for power generation and other infrastructure projects; Establishment and management of private equity funds

We utilize our expansive capital base to develop our investment banking businesses, actively seeking fresh growth drivers, strategically allocating assets, and providing a wide array of advisory and underwriting services.