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About Company


Mirae Asset Daewoo engages in a broad range of businesses.

Mirae Asset Daewoo’s team of independent investment professionals trades assets linked with our financial product lineup and strives to generate steady returns through proprietary trading.

In order to satisfy the varying investment needs of both individual and institutional investors, we have developed a wide array of financial products such as repurchase agreements (RP) and derivative-linked products (ELS, DLS), which offer attractive opportunities to clients and, at the same time, provide hedging opportunities via the trading of underlying assets.

Leveraging our expansive capital base, we engage in proprietary trading (short-term trading of stocks, bonds, foreign currencies, commodities, and derivatives) and alternative investments (real estate, etc.) to secure stable capital gains.

Product-Linked Trading

We have developed a variety of derivative-linked products (ELS, DLS) and exchange-traded notes (ETN) with various underlying assets (e.g., stocks, indices, foreign currencies, credit, and commodities), targeting clients seeking medium-risk, medium-return investments in the current ultra-low interest rate environment. These products offer attractive investment opportunities to our clients and also promote increased stability (via the trading of underlying assets).

We also provide our clients with short-term fixed interest directly or via cash management accounts (CMA) by managing RP assets.

Principal Investment

Leveraging our expansive global network, we invest in promising properties and competitive companies at home and abroad from a medium- to long-term perspective. These activities, coupled with robust risk management, allow us to generate stable earnings and capital gains.

In addition, Mirae Asset Daewoo's prop trading business pursues steady capital gains via advanced trading methods in the bond, currency, commodities, and derivatives markets.