KDB Daewoo WAY

Thanks to our 40-year track record of excellence, KDB Daewoo Securities is Korea¡¯s leading IB.
But we cannot be content to rest on our laurels. Thus, today, we set forth a series of principles to guide us as we endeavor
to ensure that our firm evolves into a global IB.

  • Taking care of our customers is our top priority. We realize that being customer-centric benefits us. Because we know that we could not succeed without maintaining a healthy relationship with the society to which we and our clients belong, we will always strive to square corporate value with social values.
  • We are well aware that we could not maintain our position as the leading IB in Korea without the commitment and enthusiasm of our employees, who work tirelessly to develop differentiated, creative products and innovative services.
  • The financial services industry¡¯s most vital asset is its human resources. As such, we will put forth our best effort to discover the best and the brightest, offer them opportunities, and ensure that they are treated fairly.
  • We fully acknowledge the importance of teamwork. While we resp ect the dignity and individuality of each member of the KDB Daewoo Securities team, we will always put the interests of our customers and our company before those of any single employee.
  • Healthy profit generation holds the key to our future. Profits are what allow us to maintain an adequate level of capital, attract top talent, and create a positive workplace. All of these factors will be integral to our efforts to become a global IB and provide the best products and services for our customers.
  • Despite facing increasing competition, we will always comply with the law and ethical standards and compete on a level playing field. We will hold ourselves up to high moral standards, both at home and at the workplace.
  • As we have done in the past, we will take pride in our work and do our utmost to maintain our position as the pioneer and leader of the Korean financial market.